I'm Tarja Kolkka from Valkeala, south-east of Finland. I breed flatcoated retrievers and beagles on the prefix Blackpepoon.
I got my FCI Show Judge rights in June 2018 (beagle) and will soon study more breeds in group 6.

I got my first flattie bitch in 1983, later I had half sisters Hilwas Lagonda and Fi Ch Barbara. These bitches were both sired by Fi Ch Arcturus bred by Mr Kenneth Kankkunen - gentleman who also imported the very first flat in 1967. In 1984 Mr Kankkunen imported Downstream Trustful and she was pregnant. Sire was Gb Ch Falswift Apparition, the son of  Crufts Winner in 1980, Gb Ch Shargleam Blackcap.   


Blackpepoon Lion King, 1*CC
                   (Fi Ch Emanon Black Velour - Fi Ch Barbara)                   

Fi Ch Barbara had litter with an English import, Fi Show and  Blood Tracking Ch Emanon Black Velour, bred by Mrs Peggy Miller.  Blackpepoon Tiny Toon, Pipa (1*CC) continued this line with Fi Ch Blackpicks Peter Pan  ( Fi Ch & Ft Ch Flathatted Cherokee -  Fi Ch NordW-97 Blackpicks Just For Me). Those lines go all the way back to Fi Ch Emanon Pyhajarvi on father's side and Multi Ch Almanza Larry O’Grady on bitch's side.  Pipa was healthy all her life and lived almost 13 years (18.1.1996 - 9.12.2008).

Fi Ch Barbara
" Quality bitch with good driving action. Lovely head and eye. Good depth of  body. Good bone. Nice in the quarters. "
Ann Kilminster, UK "Withybed" 29.10.1995 Anjalankoski

Fi Ch Blackpicks Peter Pan

I kept a bitch from this litter, Blackpepoon Toon Moon ( 2*CC’s, 7 *resCC’s)  "Peppi" (7.2.2001-14.6.2009) had field trial awards and  she went picking up doves, ducks, grouses etc. She had one litter, sired by an Swedish import Zebulons Friia Rio Trap, Vito. Tumour had been partly removed from Peppi's left ear, and she had some problems with her left front leg toes; appeared after she was bitten by a snake in summer 2008. Her daughter Luna, Blackpepoon Moon Corner, is staying with a co-owner but this line is not going to continue.
Photo taken in Hyvinkää 21st October 2007, 84 bitch entry's in Retriever Club Show. Judged by flat coated breeder
Shirley Oxford, UK "Taranbeck"  EXCELLENT, placed second in working class

Blackpepoon Toon Moon
"Well constructed bitch. Very good head, good defined chest. Well muscled in all quarters. Good bones. Moves and covers the ground well." Peggy Miller, UK "Emanon" 25.5.2003 Joensuu EXCELLENT, placed third in working class

"Well made bitch of correct size. Workmanlike movement. Correct head and kind expression. Well developed brisket. Well muscled. Moved with drive." Trevor Pennington, UK 22.10.2006 Hyvinkää EXCELLENT, placed fourth in working class

"6 years old bitch, medium sized. Mature in outline. Head of good length with refined feminine skull. Good eye colour. Short tail. Moved soundly." James Irvine, UK "Vbos" 26.5.2007 Hattula
EXCELLENT in working class

"Correct size. Would like a little more weight. Moved well when seattled. Good head. Nice eyeshape. Correct earplacement." Shirley Oxford, UK "Taranbeck" 21.10.2007 Hyvinkää EXCELLENT, placed second in working class

In 1998 I imported bitch Dovehunter Victoria Ground, (Fi Ch Snöbådans Charmer - Meadowlark La Traviata). She had 1 * CC and field trial awards (3rd price/winner's class) but unfortunately never became pregnant though mated several times. Kissi was bred by Eva and Tomas Persson from Hammarö, Sweden to whom I owe a big thank you for this quick and highly motivated retriever. I actually shot my first duck - first game ever - when Kissi was less than 12 mths old and I can assure you that this was the best meal I ‘ve ever had. Kissi was mainly trained by my husband. Kissi died at night in 26th June 2009; she had earlier got medicine for heart problems. She almost reached age eleven! Thank you Tero and C/o.

 I was able to get these lines to Blackpepoon by mating Jippu, Blackpepoon Another One to Swedish import Alex, Gilliam's Gold Suomi Poika. Alex is owned by Mrs Riitta Jeramo, she owned Kissi's father Fi Ch Snöbådans Charmer. She also owned Swedish import Fi Ch Gracehunters Bodyguard and The Historical English import Kevin, Fi Ft Ch Waverton Dubonnet.
Kissi, Dovehunter Victoria Ground

A year later I imported Beanit State Secret (Riversflight Neath of Beanit JW - Beanit Black Eyed Suzy). He was a dog of lovely character and gained both field trial and tracking awards. He lived with my friend Leena, and together they helped local hunters to track wounded elks. It is not easy to become a member in hunting clubs  in Finland but thanks to "Aake" Leena managed to do this. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Sue Goodman in Great Britain for this memorable dog.

Leena is Blood Tracking Field Test Judge and nowadays she has liver flat Whisky.                                  Beanit State Secret, Aake and Leena

I was  also a co-owner to a bitch called "Tutti", Batzi’s Caliphcaliandra (Hawksthorn Caliph - Fi & Ee Ch Birkebo Lenten Rose Wendy). Tutti was born in 2005 and has gained awards in field trial and obedience.          
kennel Batzi’s, TK1 Batzi's Caliphcaliandra (test/cold game) with owner Satu and Judge Markku Bräyschy

Tutti was mated in January 2008, litter sired by Fi Ch Yeccu Play Time (No Ch & Ft Ch Viewpoint's Jazzman - Fi Ch Flareway Special Glamour). "Morris"  became Champion in May 2007, third CC was given by Jenny Donnelly from UK. Morris needed only 6 shows to get three CC's and a Cacib. Second litter was born in December 2009 at Batzi's, litter sired by Dark Devotion Oban's Obsession.


Fi Ch Yeccu Play Time, "Morris" (on left) and his daughter Blackpepoon Another Time (on right), "Maya" at age of 1 yearHer sister Jippu, Blackpepoon Another One, is c/o-owned with Sirpa Eskola (kennel Flatjack's). Jippu's the one and only litter was born in 2011 and her son will sire my german bitch Flatgold's An Eternal Flame in 2016-2017.

In 2006 I bought a promising bitch puppy: Taka-Tapiolan Sintonic (Fi Ch & Ft Ch Blackpicks Silver Gin - Taka-Tapiolan Merisilja. The pedigree of this bitch called "Pimu" is a combination of two high quality dual purpose Finnish damlines:  Blackpicks and Taka-Tapiolan. Pimu has two CC's and three res-CC's.

Taka-Tapiolan Sintonic
< Retriever Club Show 21st October 2007, res-CC, fourth best bitch, judge Shirley Oxford, UK "Taranbeck"
(entrys: 84 bitches) -  shown in juniorclass

Pimu at age of 7 weeks
Pimu's father                                                                                                          
  Pimu's son
In spring Blackpepoon Lemon -puppies were born and after 8 years pause I got a flat puppy, Pimu's granddaughter Lulu, Blackpepoon Lemon Hill ( Fi Ch Fågeltorps Korkki Kungsörn - Blackpepoon Gin Lemon ). Lulu was not suitable for breeding and has new home now.

Flatgold's An Eternal Flame (Hawksthorn Caliph - Warpersmoss Fusilier). She was owned by a friend called Tapani Kiintola (affix Tassun) but sadly he died in cancer. No offspring.

Beagles, golden retriever and smooth fox terrier

After having finished our house building project in the countryside 2003 we bought a beagle bitch for chasing hares. Fi Ch Kuopusmaa Kata also had awards from hare chasing tests which in Finland are carried out as individual working tests. She finally got first price at age of almost 8 years.  Kata have had two litters, sired by Fi Ft Ch Kuomionpään Sepeteus (2006) and Huuhkajan Jekku (2008). She got her third CC at age of 11,5 years! Kata passed away in July 2016.

         The one and only bitch from first litter got her name by the car rented from Hertz and crashed by me while visiting Flat Coated Retriever Open Show in UK 1999... Nothing bad happed though I was pregnant.

Second litter produced four bitches and one dog. Blackpepoon Be Beetle, Kupla, was kept from second litter. Kupla got her first CC (BOB) at 16 mths age, and later same year she got res-cc. A week later after hunting season had ended, she got two CC's at one weekend and got her second BOB with first price in Group and third price in Best In Show. Her brother Bora got res-CC earlier. Later I sold mated Kupla to Norway and she has had four litters on the prefix Silver Creek.

Third beagle litter was born in August 2009 producing one bitch and three dogs. Litter was very good c/o work with Family Saraketo after decision to mate Papinniemen Pilke (1*CC) with Fi Ch & Ft Ch Beny, Norwegian import. This combination produced first Blackpepoon Champion, C.I.B.T. Nord Ch Fi Ft Ch Fi Ch Se Ch Blackpepoon Be Cooper. Internatiol Dual Champion...propably the only one in the whole world in this breed??

Fourth beagle litter was born in August 2012, Family Saraketo let me borrow their Papinniemen Pilke again, and litter was sired by Blackpepoon Be Accord. We kept Tassi, Blackpepoon Be Duett though we had bought one bitch a year earlier, Fi Ch Isoahon Cindy.
She was mated in 2014. Tassi was later sold to a hunting man.
 Kupla with her brother Bora

 Nico, Blackpepoon Be Colt

In 2005 a dream came true when a working golden Fi & Se Ft Ch Aquatrine was mated to an British export, French Int Ft Ch Featherquest Shadow , producing Weljesten Especially Au. "Tiku" is an outstanding help in picking up and is totally trained by my husband. Hip score and waterwork could be better, so she is not for breeding. Tiku's breeders have done superb breeding and are taking very good care of working golden. Tiku lived later as a family pet at my friends family and died at almost 13 years old.

Also beagles are mainly my husbands dogs, I shot my very first (and so far last) hare in Autumn 2008. We both are Hunting Test Judges. In 2009 I decided together with my friend Päivi to buy a smooth fox terrier bitch Bertta, not my breed at all and is no longer owned by me. I really want to avoid extra holes in the muzzles.

I am very pleased with my breeds. They all come from Great Britain and have wonderful temperaments.

Weljesten Especially Au

Fi & Se Ft Ch Aquatrine
Mrs Tarja Kolkka
Member of FCRS